PI 日本ディストリクト  ハイライトニュース 2012~13



 On Sat., Oct. 6, events were held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Akita Pilot Club at Akita View Hotel.



Rakugo performance by Sanjaku Katsura – “Activate Your Brain by Rakugo” 

A huge grin by the audienceEveyone’s natural smile after brain activation by Rakugo performance

We bet that everybody’s mind and brain must had been in better spirit at the venue.

A commemoration ceremony after Rakugo performance

Akita PC president

Ms.Tsune Naba

PI Japan District governor

Ms.Tamii Uchida

Nara PC Chaplain

Ms.Reiko Kategawa

Hiroshima PC chaplain

Ms.Kazuko Kawada

A total of 125 – the local members of Akita Pilot Club who have been supporting the activities, concerned bodies as well as members from the sister clubs throughout the country - were at the commemoration ceremony.

We have donated to 4 organizations at the ceremony.

Nozomi community activity support center run by Akita City
・社会福祉法人ゆたか会 ドリームカンパニーあゆみ
Social welfare corporation, Yutaka-kai - Dream Company Ayumi
・社会福祉法人一羊会 杉の木園
Social welfare corporation, Ichiyo-kai – Suginoki-en
PI Japan District

Next, the 8th Cheerful Pilot Award presentation ceremony
(Cheerful Pilot Award was established by Akita Pilot Club.)
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary, the Award was given to two winners.


Mr. and Mrs. Fujiwara from Katagami City


Mr. and Mrs. Okamura from Yurihonjo City

In addition, we offered a letter of appreciation to Ducks Moon who gave a performance at a charity concert on Mar. 3rd, 2012.

Ducks Moon played the performance at the celebration party this time as well!

As an entertainment at the party, a great mimic, Mr.HiBiKi put on a show impersonating Hiromi Go.   The two-hour party had continued smoothly in a relaxed and delightful atmosphere.

At the end of the celebration party, there was a closing speech by Mr.masakazu Ishigaki, next president for Akita PC, expressing heartfelt gratitude to everybody.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for those who cooperated in the success of this Akita Pilot Club 20th anniversary project as well as those who participated in the event !